Well Construction

Water is important for human survival. In our quest to make people survive, we provide clean water to deprived villages and places that do not have access to clean water. Also fetching water is a common task of a Ghanaian child and these children must be protected. In times past accidents occurred where children died from slippery surfaces in their attempt to fetch water. This prompted the N.G.O to design a program that is aimed at providing a clean water and also safe for fetching. 
Together with the inhabitants of the communities Asedaye construct and repairs broken wells. Previously, Asedaye constructed two new wells, renovated two other wells and built one borehole. Sources of funding for this project are done through many means. Individuals and organizations do support this project. One of the sources was through "Water is Life" competition of which our N.G.O. won - Sincere thanks are given to all !