The expense spent on food is so much high in Ghana. In the quest of the N.G.O. to minimize costs on food consumption, it has bought a land where farming activities can go on. There are other attendant benefits of this project apart from the fact that it supplements food consumption. It gives the children perspectives about where they get the food they eat from. Also they become proud when they eat from the land they have themselves worked on.

The project started three years ago after many efforts to get a land proved futile. Finally, we got a land about fifteen minutes’ drive away from our office. Over the years the land has given us yams, maize, cassava, Plantain, cocoyam. Plants like pepper, tomatoes, okro are planted on the land. Fruits like mangoes, oranges, and cocoyam are also grown on the land.

At certain times we go to the farm with all the children who contribute in diverse ways in making sure the farmland gets better and better.

One of the workers - namely Ante Mansah -  is the one in charge of making sure the farm is run well. She goes to the farm at regular intervals to make sure that everything is progressing with the farm.