People of Asedaye e.V.

Hereabout we would like to introduce ourselves, the founder of Asedaye N.G.O; the executive and non-executive board members of our non-profit-association; our former and current volunteers as well as our staff in Ghana:

Team Germany


(from left to right: Hanna, Ronja, David, Heike, Matthias, Lena und Kathina)

Team Ghana

Presently, 4 residents are involved and are working in Ghana: Continuous in our Team: Our  coordinator Abedinago Addai and our two cooks Grace Charlietey + Afia Pokuaa (Ante Mansa) 

Abedinago Addai
 (Odingo) – Coordinator
  • Age:  31
  • Education – studied Social Work with Political Science
  • Marital Status – married
  • What I like – my club, Manchester United (football), going to church, working for Asedaye
  • What I dislike – Unfairness  &  Discrimination
  • What you should know about me – I try to be receptive to people no matter their age, sex, class, status, financial background and I wish the cliff between rich and poor is bridged or closed one day
     Grace Charlietey (Sister Grace) – Cook
    • Age: 29
    • Marital Status – in a relationship
    • What I like – my home, going to church, praying, singing 
    • What I like dislike –  Conflicts
    • What you should know about me – I am frank in my dealings and I do not like discrimination
     Afia Pokuaa (Ante Mansa) – Cook
    • Age: 50
    • Marital Status – widowed, mother of two children
    • What I like – visiting my family, going to church, cooking,
    • What I dislike – roaming about aimlessly
    • What you should know about me – I like every person no matter their differences and I like to joke. 
     Johanna Merker ˗ Volunteer
    • Age: 23
    • Marital Status ˗ single
    • What I Like ˗ Love working in a team, having fun with friends, working in a church
    • What I Dislike ˗ Conflicts
    • What you should know about me ˗ Jovial in nature

    (Stand: August 2018)