About Asedaye e.V. 

Asedaye Children’s in Need Foundation is a Nongovernmental Organization that is committed to helping the needy but brilliant students of the Dormaa municipality. Asedaye N.G.O. also engages in other community intervention programs, such as construction of boreholes and wells, provision of dust bins, provision of Mosquito Nets to improve the living standard of the people in the Dormaa municipality.

Our main focus is to give possibility to the children to live a life of dignity and to decide on their own. These possibilities include financial support to pay school fees and other school materials and medical support which is done through making and renewal of their health Insurance and to pay bills that the health Insurance fails to cover. Also, a platform is created where the children study and to perform duties assigned to them in school. Hence, they are monitored by the workers and volunteers. Moreover, values are inculcated in the children through Saturday meetings whereby Bible studies and preaching are done. This helps shape the character of the children.

The community projects are done to strengthen the social environment of the children. Projects like dustbins, mosquito nets, boreholes and so on are done to strengthen the vulnerable communities and consequently making children feel comfortable.

Asedaye Children In Need Foundation was founded in 2006 by three German Students who volunteered in Dormaa. Currently, those who work in Germany do it voluntarily. Since 2013 there are volunteers from Europe who support the work of Asedaye. The idea is to have a connection between Ghana and Germany.

The workers in Ghana use the money sent to them to pay school fees, Health Insurance and other medical bills not covered by the Health Insurance. In effect the money is used for the general well-being of the children we support. Besides, ideas from Germany/Ghana are welcomed and deliberated upon.

Therefore support will be highly appreciated.